Ashes & Dust… Clean your Ducts!

There are some things that you just know you have to clean and keep clean in your home. There are definitely the areas of your house that you make sure you maintain so that it is always clean and there are no issues. Of course, the kitchen, bathroom, your bedrooms and living rooms… dining rooms and all areas of your home that you know for sure you need to keep clean consistently! While there are areas that are always seen and you know are to remain clean no matter what, there are some other areas that you may not see all of the time that need to remain clean as well. No, these areas or things may not need to be cleaned as often as areas that you look at every day, but there are definitely certain amount of times that you need to make sure they are being clean; your ducts are one area that you need to make sure are being cleaned even if you can’t or don’t look at them every single day.

You may not realize just how dirty your ducts can become… yes, there is dust and dirt that accumulates in your ducts and you need to make sure that you have them cleaned to ensure that you are breathing clean air. While dirt and dust do accumulate in your ducts, there are some other things that may go on in your home or that you may have in your home that can cause you to need to clean your ducts. If you smoke cigars or cigarettes, that can cause there to be more dust or dirt. I you have pets, their dander can float into the ducts as well. If you have made renovations to your home or have had projects where you chose to remodel, the dust from debris during that time can also cause the ducts to become more dirty and dusty.

When you don’t clean your ducts you can cause people with asthma or allergies to have an extremely hard time breathing and staying in the home. Unclean ducts can also lead to damage to your home, HVAC system or even to you having contaminated water. If you find that you need duct cleaning in Green Bay, WI, there are some great places that you can look to so that you ensure you are getting the best service that you possibly can.


Affordable Cleaners: They have been servicing the community or Green Bay since 1992. They provide both commercial and residential services and they know how important it is to have clean ducts.

Well House Air Duct Cleaning: This company has been in business since 1991; they work in residential and commercial areas. They use the latest technology to make sure that your ducts are efficiently and effectively clean. They give each customer a customized cleaning service whenever they call. They know how much your air ducts need to be cleaned and they make sure they do a thorough job whenever they are called.